Cybersitter and AVG


Recently a client dropped off a computer wanting it us to install a website blocker on her computer to her kids from getting on bad sites. There are many different types of software that will do this. #1 is probably Cybersitter. We purchased this software for the client installed it and restarted.

I could no longer browse the web on anything but HTTPS pages, much to my surprise Cybersitter doesn’t have a number you can call for tech support. Even after disabling Cybersitter it still didn’t work. After investigating further it turns out that the AVG toolbar that was installed on the computer when AVG was installed was interfering in some way and causing the pages not to load correctly. The simple fix for this problem is to uninstall the AVG toolbar. This leaves AVG intact and allows Cybersitter to block bad websites as it’s is designed too.

Response Point D-Link DVX-2000MS


At my office we have a new phone system called Microsoft Response Point. The system we have was made by D-Link. Great system, you can read countless good reviews on it. However we had a problem with external calls. If the inside caller and the external caller tried to talk at the same time the inside caller would not be able to hear the external user.

The way I finally managed to get this fixed, is by logging into the Response Point Gateway – DVG-3104MS – Remember its IP:9999. The username by default is admin along with the password of admin. Click Advanced and then click Call Control on the left. Change the Default Codec to G. 726-32. voice

I’m not saying that’s the only way to fix the problem, but that seemed to work for us. You can play with the different codec options and see which works best.

Flight 93


You know, it’s funny how the government decides to spend money. I recently read an article about the memorial for the amazing people on flight 93. Now I understand the need for a memorial, but how is it that the government can justify spending more than $58 million dollars on a site like that? What in the world could cost that much? How is it necessary to purchase or take 1,300 acres of land to memorialize the people who honorably gave the lives to protect the country? They certainly don’t do this for any of the soldiers who die in Iraq. Take Mr. Patrick White for example; here is what he has to say about the matter.

“That land has been paid for with 40 lives … the donation box is an insult to that cost,” said Patrick White, vice president for Families of Flight 93.

The land he is talking about is owned by an individual. This man Svonavec wants $10 million for his 273 acre property. Is it fair? I don’t honestly know. What I do know is that it’s ridiculous that the government has threatened to take his land by eminent domain if they can’t come to an agreement. The highest offer he has gotten on his land is $500,000; why would he sell his land for that? Spending $58 million dollars on a memorial is asinine and unnecessary.

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